Your home is not just a is a component of the environment where you live. Our mission is to connect you to this special environment that we call home, The Lowcountry. Likewise, our services  are not limited to the design and construction documents for the building. Below is a brief description of our services.

Basic Services


The heart and soul of our practice is creating great architecture with engages the site. We specialize in residential architecture for hot, humid climates. We believe where you live should be the house of your dreams, reflecting your personal style, grace, and vision. Here is how we start: We listen to your ideas, ask questions, and get to know you and your site. Together we develop a program and concept. We ask more questions, visualize, and sketch. Together we refine the details. We draw some more. If there is an architectural review board, we will handle the submittals and presentations for the design approvals.

sustainable design

Sustainable design is first, a site specific design that works with nature to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat, cool, and light the building. Next, we design a high performance building envelope to keep the hot humid air out and to prevent thermal bridging. A high performance building requires the appropriately designed heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) which we design and model. Finally, for clients that are interested, we produce energy on-site with photo-voltaics.

resilient design

Beaufort County is prone to hurricanes and flooding and all of our building are designed to keep the building from blowing away in a 140 mph wind, keep blowing rain out and to prevent flood damage.

construction documents

Next come the construction documents. Lots of details – from cabinets and interior trim, to fireplace mantels, and chimney caps; we work with you to select the fixtures and finishes. We lay out the  mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.  A licensed structural engineer provides our structural design which is included in our services.We document and detail everything to minimize surprises during construction.

bidding & negotiating

Finding the right builder is critical for the success of your project.  We will help you select a builder and add them to the team during the design development phase. With the builder’s input, we refine the design to stay within your budget.

construction contract administration

The real excitement starts when your house is under construction. We visit the site regularly, sending you field reports and photographs along the way. After all the work we have done together, we stay with your project to the end.

optional services

site selection

There are so many gorgeous communities and home-sites available, you may feel overwhelmed by the process of choosing the perfect site for your dream home. There are certain factors that you need to take into consideration before you make an offer. We have developed the Site Selection Review to help with this process. After discussing your objectives, we will prepare a site analysis and identify any challenges (environmental, regulatory or zoning) that may arise for your potential site.  We also provide this service for existing houses that you are considering to purchase.

interior design

As architects, we bring an integrative approach to interior design. We are always studying our designs for how usable and functional they are. How can the flow of the space enhance your life and how will the room be furnished because an unfurnishable space is wasted space.  Providing interior design services in-house creates a seamless transition between the architecture and the furnishing of the home. As we design the house we are also designing the interiors. As design professionals, we receive "to the trade" discounts which we pass on to our clients.  Finally, whether the client needs help finding a few additional pieces of furniture, or everything from art to window treatments working with the same team from day one to moving day simplifies the process making life easier.

furniture design

Sometimes the space calls for a specific piece of furniture in an unusual shape of size. We design the piece and have it built by a local craftsman.