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We do more than design spaces — we create environments where your family can thrive, love and develop lasting memories. Our team leverages technologies and techniques to deliver innovative high performance, sustainable, resilient, customized solutions for new construction, additions, and renovations for luxury homes in hot, humid climates.

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Success Comes From Process

A disciplined, thorough process ensures creativity becomes reality. That’s why we cover every step and detail, from the first call to the final walk-through. At every point along the way, we’re focused on your wishes, attentive to evolving on-site needs, and dedicated to a stunning end result.

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“Frederick + Frederick is unquestionably a Small Firm with Big Impact, and a firm that many other firms look to for exemplary practice. The design excellence of their body of work has been widely recognized … But perhaps what is most uniquely important about Frederick + Frederick, the raison d’etre of their success, and the thing from which other firms could learn the most, is their innovative and supportive firm culture. They are a family-owned business that sincerely treats their employees like family. Jane and Michael moved to Beaufort to enjoy the lifestyle there … [and] so they do.” - Kate Schwennsen, Professor, Clemson University

Using Virtual Reality

No matter how beautiful a rendered image may be, it will never be able to fully convey the scope and feel of a project. With state of the art virtual reality technology, our clients can easily be transported into a 3D representation of the working design. The immersive environment gives a much more accurate and representative feel, providing them with a real sense of scale, depth and spatial awareness that cannot be matched by traditional renders, scaled models or animations.

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