In the summer of 1988, Michael and I were vacationing on Edisto Island in South Carolina. We took a side trip to Beaufort and the first thing Michael said was “I could live here.”

We returned home to Alexandria, Virginia; sold our house; Michael sold his architecture practice; and three months later we moved to Beaufort with two toddlers and a dog.  We moved to create the life that we dreamed of… sailing, swimming, shrimping and the slow pace of a small town.

I had some pretty bad bosses in the DC area and when Michael and I started our firm, our goal was to treat our employees how we would want to be treated. Therefore, our work week is typically 40 hours, on occasion someone might work 41! Our pay is competitive but we find that paying for other things makes a big difference. We pay 100% of our employees and their families’ health insurance and a $2000 contribution to their HSA account. We pay for professional development, AIA dues, NCARB fees, Licenses, and attendance at the AIA National Conference, AIA State Conferences, and the AIA CRAN Symposium.

We embraced technology early starting with AutoCadd 10 on a 286 computer with floppy discs. In 2007, we switched to Revit and haven’t looked back. Our clients love putting on the VR goggles and touring their home but they also love the watercolor sketches we do to present our initial designs.

We are passionate about sustainability and reducing the impact our houses have on the environment. We are participants in the AIA’s 2030 Commitment and most years meet the goal or get really close to meeting the goal.

Since we are a small firm, the successful candidate will be involved in all phases of the projects from design to construction administration. Everyone participates in internal design reviews to create the best possible solution and everyone works on construction documents. Our projects range from bathroom and kitchen renovations to whole house remodels and new construction. Interns and newly licensed architects are tasked with running small projects from beginning to end, with the support of seasoned professionals.

Looking back, the decision to move to Beaufort 33 years ago did allow us to create the life we dreamed of and we continue to help our clients create the life they dream about. We love connecting our clients to nature in this beautiful place we call home.

Come join us!

– Jane Frederick


  • 3 -5 years of experience in architecture or design. some practical experience with single family residential is preferred.
  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Architecture for an accredited program
  • Basic technical knowledge of difference construction types, building systems and building codes, including  wood-framed residential construction
  • Ability to balance multiple tasks and projects and maintain progress in several areas simultaneously
  • Detail-oriented and able to produce accurate, succinct and complete work
  • Proficient in Revit
  • Licensure not required but progress on this path is appreciated
  • Authorized to work in the United States