Ground Breaking on Fripp Island

It’s always exciting to see ground breaking on a new house- we have several just at the beginning of construction. The first is on a low and swampy site on Fripp Island. The house is built up to get out of the flood plain. It looks out over a salt- water lagoon.

Coffin Point

Not too far from Fripp Island is Coffin Point, St. Helena and the location of another F+F house in the beginning stages of construction. This one is on a wooded lot. At a little over 2,000 square feet, it isn’t a big house, but it will live very comfortably. Also- a mysterious brick hole- what could that be?

Brays Island

This Brays Island house is nearing completion. Remember when it was just on the boards?

Hilton Head Island

This house in Long Cove Club is really looking great. The preliminary design for this house can be found here. It is a pretty big house, but we are still push sustainability. This roof is going to be covered with PV, the HVAC is geothermal, and the envelope is tight as can be.

Islands of Beaufort

This Camellia Close to Custom house is nearing completion – The contractors are racing to finish before it is on the Historic Beaufort Foundation’s Architect Tour on March 18th.