Winch Renovation

Winch Renovation

Beaufort, SC

The owner called us to help with her historic house that had a dreadful kitchen, bad circulation,  no laundry room, and a powder room that was only thirty inches wide. The 1904 house is a contributing structure in a National Landmark District. Any addition had to meet the Secretary of Interior’s Guidelines and the City’s Historic Review Board. Living in this National Landmark District is like living in a fishbowl. The owner wanted to be able to entertain without the prying eyes of the many tourists.

The existing house had the traditional center hall with four rooms of approximately the same size. The front two rooms were used as a formal living room and an informal living room. The kitchen was crammed into one of the back rooms with the dining room in the remaining back room. We added on a new family room and flipped the kitchen to the opposite side of the house to flow into the family room. The old kitchen became a new powder room and laundry room. The two front rooms became the dining room and living room. The house now has a more appropriate sequencing from public to private space, which provides the necessary privacy from nosy tourists.

 The house is now better for entertaining. Prior to the addition the owner would be stuck in the kitchen; now the owner can visit with her guests as she cooks. The owner had not requested an outdoor fireplace but now cannot imagine living without it. The fireplace is the focal point of many relaxed evening gatherings.

Contractor: Patterson Construction

Photography: Frederick and Frederick Architects