Virtual Reality Experience

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Seeing is Believing -How to reduce Risk in your Custom House by going back to the Future

One of our very first clients was an artist. After her house was finished she walked in and said, “Wow, I didn’t know it would look like this!” Thankfully she was pleasantly surprised. But what if she hadn’t been? By then, it would have been too late. We had shown her many drawings. Being an artist and a visual person, we thought she understood. 

Your house is often the biggest investment you make and there is a risk when building a house that it will not be exactly what you want. Just think how terrible that would be -all that time and all that money and you still didn’t get what you wanted. Or maybe it is 95% perfect but one window is in the wrong place. So you live with it but it drives you crazy every single day. Or you decided to make a change while the house was under construction – boy that can be expensive!

If only you could channel Marty Mcfly and his DeLorean time machine and go back to the future, see the mistakes, and then correct them while your house is still in the design phase. You could change the future like Marty did when he took out the bully, Biff.

Now you can. 

We are creating Virtual Reality (VR) experiences from our 3-D models, bringing the designs to life and giving clients the experience of being in the house while wearing 3-D goggles or head mounted displays. The virtual reality allows clients to experience the proportions and scale of the space. It can feel so real that folks often reach out and try to touch the walls.

Head Mounted Displays have been around for decades, but the technology has been very expensive with a poor user experience. Thanks to the gaming industry, they are now reasonably priced and the user experience is much improved. With head mounted displays, the user has a 360-degree view around a fixed point that’s controlled by moving your hand.

Recently we had a client who was concerned about the look and size of a truss in his house. So we brought in virtual reality goggles and gave him the opportunity to see the scale of the beam “in real life”. Seeing is believing and the client was pleased with the perfect sizing.

The virtual reality is a great help for folks who might be less visual. One of our clients was having a difficult time understanding how the finished house would look from our drawings or from the 3-D computer model. But with the virtual reality goggles, she was able to walk through her home. The technology helped her understand and experience what her house would look like. She loved it.

The difference in cost between asking us to make a change on paper versus asking a builder to make changes either during construction or once the project is complete is huge.  Experiencing your home through virtual reality will eliminate this risk. Plus, it’s pretty awesome.

If you would like to virtual experience one of our projects - give us a call.