Kirkland Renovation

Kirkland Renovation

Hilton Head island, SC

The clients noticed moisture damage and a funny smell in their 10-year-old Sea Pines front beach house.  The house had been severely damaged because of construction methods that succeed in other climates, but are incorrect for the hot humid coastal area. What started as a re-cladding project ended up as a complete re-build. The project began by the simple removal of foam stucco (EFIS) followed by the repair of the exposed surface, but extensive structural damage quickly became evident. Termites, toxic mold, and deterioration proved pervasive. The house was restored through application of proper building materials and use of climate appropriate construction methods. Detailing made an enormous difference to this house from the proportions of the exterior columns and arches to the tile in the fireplace surround. Everything was given an architect’s eye and transformed this teardown into a beautiful home that will hold up to the elements.



Contractor: Bay 10 Ventures

Photography: John McManus



2006 AIA Hilton Head Merit Award