Quonset Hut Renovation

Quonset Hut Renovation

Beaufort, SC

This project started with a World War II surplus Quonset Hut that was erected in the 1940’s. Over the years it became rental property. We considered the Quonset Hut a tear down when we bought the house. . We realized the potential for curved ceilings while living in the Hut, and decided to transform the space.

The structure was stripped down to the steel frame and reinforced to resist high winds. A small bedroom building and a garage with a second story guest suite were built to enclose a courtyard surrounding an old live oak tree.

The entrance sequence begins with a reclaimed cedar and corrugated glass door that opens into the courtyard.  A screened stair hall connects the bedrooms to the Quonset hut, which contains the living dining, and kitchen spaces. Cantilevered concrete spiral steps, bolted together with dock bolts and a steel rail, lead to the Mother-in-Law Suite upstairs, formerly our children’s rooms. The three metal steps from the foyer to the living room are our redneck version of Carlos Scarpa’s very ethereal melodic steps in the Brion-Vega Cemetery. Ours sound like someone running up a sliding board, but they make us laugh. 


Southern Living’s Renovation of the Year in 2009

2011 SC AIA Robert Mills Merit Award.

HGTV  "You Live in What" feature Season 2


Photographer, Dickson Dunlap