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What makes a good home?

I have been reading several books on residential design and in many of them the question is asked and answered on what makes a good home. I am going to devote the next several posts to exploring what other architects say makes a good home. In the book House Thinking by Winifred Gallagher she outlines the architect Grant Hildebrand's 5 characteristics of a good home. The are 1. Prospect - the big space 2. Refuge, 3. Enticement, 4. Peril, and 5. Complex Order. The ratio of prospect to refuge is very personal and both are necessary. The alcove off the great room or the window seat in the family room. Enticement is the element that is often so wonderfully explored in custom homes and left out of tract housing. The window placed just right or the gate opening into a lush hidden garden. Peril - I question, Hildebrand uses the term to describe a house on a cliff, or large witnessing a storm through large windows and the contrasting safety one feels inside the house. I think you need to be connected to nature but not threatened by nature. Finally, complex order delights our mind and allows us to appreciate the details of the house.