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What Makes a good home #2

I just finished Jeremiah Eck's book The Distinctive Home, A Vision of Timeless Design. This is a good book for clients to read, he covers the importance of site design very well. He also has a strong argument on the importance of detailing and the necessity of prioritizing desired square footage and finishes.
Eck says that there are four essential features for a good home. 1. How it occupies the site. 2. How the floor plan works for you and contemporary lifestyles. He recommends that you rethink what rooms are called. They should be named for their activities and whether they are formal/informal and public/private. 3. How the exterior is designed. It should be balanced and blend with the site and or neighborhood. 4. How selected exterior and interior details transmit an enduring sense of quality, care, and thought.
I agree with Eck on his four essential features but we need to include the prospect/refuge and enticement from Hildebrand's list. Hildebrand's "complex order" is the same as Eck's #4 detailing.