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Tile trends, 2017

The latest trends in tile, from two local tile purveyors, Tammy Nold at Tileology and Will Dukes at Creative Interiors.

What were the most popular tile trends in 2016?

Tammy: Any type of subway tile is still hot hot hot. I do notice more people wanting to get a larger size to have less grout though, and more of an undulated finish versus the basic smooth surface. 
Will: Wood looks and porcelain tiles featuring natural earth colors (and grey, grey, grey) continue to be popular, a trend I see continuing for the foreseeable future.  Wood look tiles are now available in a wide variety of sizes, allowing for interesting patterns including herringbone installations.  The porcelain printing techniques employed by the mills have also continued to improve and many of the new reclaimed/distressed wood look tiles are so realistic that they rival the look of real wood.  For those wanting a little more pop, the sea greens and cobalt blue glass and porcelain tiles/mosaics can really add a coastal vibe to a Lowcountry interior.

Which do you think will continue in 2017? 

Tammy: Only because of our location I’m sure the subway will continue.  Porcelain brick tile floors and back-splashes is also gaining momentum.     
Will: We really see more wood looks continuing to expand across the industry in 2017 and beyond.  Not only are we seeing more variety in the available sizes, colors, and textures of wood look tiles, but customers are becoming bolder in their use and placement of these tiles.

Is there anything new on the horizon for 2017? 

Tammy: Tile manufacturers keep coming up with porcelain marble look-a-like tiles, and all kinds of funky shapes; i.e. elongated hexagons.  
Will: We anticipate more wood look tile installations on walls and showers as customers seek to create a more natural and soothing “woodsy” feeling in their baths.  We are also seeing a lot of hot new brick look porcelain tiles that will allow for the retro look of a brick floor without the headaches and costs associated with the installation and maintenance of real brick.  Finally, we are seeing more 3D tiles with lots of folds, wavy ridges, and profiles that literally jump off of the walls.  These textured tiles can make a great statement wall in a shower or really make a great first impression on a prominent wall in the foyer.

What trends do you think will or should retire in the upcoming year? 

Tammy: Elongated glass and stone lineal mosaics for back-splashes and borders in showers….SOOO over that.
Will: We continue to see the evolution in the style from old world chiselled edge product to tiles with much cleaner finishes.  There is a decrease in decorative bands or borders in showers as clients seem to more and more go for a bold statement with a decorative glass or mosaic feature wall in their shower.