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On the boards

We have a new project on St Simons Island. The client read Jane's blog post on dogtrots and vernacular architecture, and recognized the Shackleford family name from her own family tree! Turns out she and Jane are third cousins! We've had great fun getting to know them and designing their beach house.

To present our preliminary design, we began with the elevation drawings and floor plans. Then we showed them the design in virtual reality. At this early phase, it is so helpful for the client to experience the design in virtual reality. With a clearer visualization of the spaces and design elements, the client can make a confident decision to move ahead, or to move in a different direction. In this case, we are moving full steam ahead, with a few changes.

We've moved away from the traditional two dimensional elevation drawings in favor of three dimensional elevations. They are more informative, and more fun to draw! 

With so much coverage of the lot, storm water drainage is a concern. We have proposed several rain gardens to remedy this issue. Guests would park along Seventh Street and be lead through the peaceful entry garden to the front door. 


The front entry separates the master suite from the public living spaces. The indoor and outdoor living areas are open and spacious, with a more enclosed living room for a cozy feel. 

The views from the roof terrace will be spectacular!

The ground floor has storage for kayaks and bicycles off the garage.

The exterior fireplace will be finished with tabby.