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Schematic Design Phase

The next few post are covering the design phases in a project. The first phase is conceptual design which is also referred to as preliminary design or schematic design.

During the conceptual design phase, we start by developing a concept for the design. Successful concepts for previous clients include: 1. The design of the house will complement the owners collection of arts and crafts furniture; 2. The house is to be a jewel box for weekend retreats; 3. All major living spaces should have a view of the significant live oak; and 4. The house will be based on a vernacular dog-trot.
We then begin to translate your program into a design that can be constructed. Possible design solutions are developed as freehand thumbnail sketches (often with a bit of watercolor added to improve readability) allowing us to quickly test design and siting ideas. We will also explore sections and elevations of the project. Massing, fenestration (window and door openings), and style are all quickly studied.
A well conducted conceptual design phase is critical to the success of the project as decisions that effect budget, function and your ultimate satisfaction are being made. We must be open minded, creative, and keep asking "what if we…?" to arrive at the best solution.