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New Buildings in an Old Country

One of the best parts of traveling overseas is seeing how new buildings and interiors complement ancient, and not so ancient buildings. On our resent trip to Great Brittan I saw numerous examples. The first was a contemporary entrance between two historic buildings in London. I particularly like this building because it uses the vocabulary of the adjacent buildings but in a fresh voice.

Exeter was bombed heavily by the Germans in WWII. Some buildings were rebuilt and/or repaired but there is also a lot of buildings built post 1950. Some are not so great but many of the recent ones are very nice. We walked down to the Quay and one side of the river was more historic and the other a delightful infill project.In the center of town is a new shopping center that anchors the corner while respecting the historic fabric in scale and mass.But even in the old country you occasionally encounter an addition that is not as sensitive as it could be. The Bishop's Palace in Exeter is jambed into one of the windows of the cathedral.