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Some fun lights we are using

school of light.jpg

We love finding unique, interesting, gorgeous, inspired lighting for our clients. Here are a few favorites from a current project. We cannot wait to see them in the finished spaces.

 Lucci Argentati, School of Light  by Terzani makes a graceful statement over the dining table. The owner is an angler, and the School of Light is a nod to his interests, without being too obvious.


Terzaniā€™s Mizu, Flowing Light features droplets of light encased in handmade crystal shapes. The staircase will be illuminated with interesting water-like light refractions.


Guests will be surprised and delighted by The Caravaggio Triptych in the powder room. Three different hand gestures drawn from Caravaggio paintings support glass forms that are lit with hidden LEDs.


The interior elevation of the stair hall shows placement of the Mizu and the three Rings by Global Lighting. One ring provides illumination for the piano, and the other two at the base of the stairs add a dramatic touch.