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Are you sick of wall acne?

lutron photo
lutron photo

Wall clutter is one of my biggest challenges as a custom residential architect. There are controls for electric shades, light switches, thermostats, and sound systems. Since they are supplied by different manufacturers, they never match in either design or colors... very frustrating!  One of the most exciting products that I saw at the AIA Convention last week in New Orleans was Lutron's new three-part thermostat.

The wall control fits in a light switch opening and comes in most of Lutron's colors. This is possible because the silver dollar sized temperature sensor is wireless and transmits the temperature to the HVAC controller. You can use multiple sensors and the controller will average the temperature. The  controller can be located anywhere and receives wireless signals from both the wall control and temperature sensors. You can also control the temperature from your smart phone or IPad. This is available in both RadioRa┬« 2 and the more advanced Homeworks┬« QS systems. for more information visit