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2012 Tile Trends

artistic tile musee series

Tone on tone damask designs are very popular in 2012. Atelier by Mirage has both matte and glossy finishes on the tiles.Abstract Designs based on nature are being introduced by many difference companies. The are typically done in stone with laser jet etching. Some of my favorites include Antolini Luigi Natura Collection

I can picture the butterflies above or the snakes below in a child's bathroom. New Ravenna Mosiacs has a great abstract sea motive with starfish, sea shells and sea horses that I want to use in the next child's bedroom that I do. These design are abstract enough that the child can grow up with them.

One of the hot new trends in tiles is creating different textures in porcelain tile. Walker Zanker's new contribution to this trend is Wood Age this trend makes me think of my college professor, Bill Gwin, who use to rant and rave about ataying true to materials. His example in his rant was a quarry tile that was shaped like a brick with a wood pattern. It was the common floor seen in fast food restaurants in the 1980s. So I will not be specing the wood age tile.

Ann Sacks employed the Bristish sculptor and ceramist Regina Heinz to design a series. These serene, undulating designs come both flat and in three dimension. 3-dimensional tiles are all the rage today.