Indoor Sanctuary

This Spring Island home was designed by Frederick + Frederick about 20 years ago. The home was sold to new owners, and they contacted us to design a guitar and quilting studio, renovate the existing guest house, create more outdoor space, and make it theirs. The siting of the studio and guest house addition establishes a courtyard space with a custom fountain and creates a more formal and sunnier spot to enjoy the outdoors.


Great Acoustics

By engaging most of the senses in the design of the studio the simple activity of playing guitar becomes a sensuous experience with a big impact. The long view to the Shrimp Pond is peaceful and relaxing. The smooth edge of the live edge desk begs to be touched. The aroma of the cypress walls evokes a pleasant walk in the woods and the sound of the guitar is enhanced by the great acoustics.


Rythm Of Light

The interiors of the guesthouse are clad in river-recovered or “sinker” cypress, pulled from the swamps and tributaries of the Apalachicola River in Florida. The tannins in the water change the colors of the wood from red to brown, gray, purple, to almost black. It practically glows once surfaced and finished and gives the space an informal camp atmosphere.  The live edge walnut desk completes the camp feel. The cabinets, shoji doors, and several pieces of furniture designed by the firm were all constructed from this cypress, and built by a local craftsman.

The giant shoji doors (5’ wide x 10’ tall) divide the sewing studio from the guitar studio, and stack when open. The same method was used to hide the guitar & sewing supply shelves. The effect is a rhythm of light and shadow that changes throughout the day.

The client remarked after the project was completed that “the firm developed a very imaginative concept and paid close attention to detail throughout the build.”
Jane Frederick
Managing Principal