Maximizing light & connection to nature

The kitchen was updated with a new layout, new cabinets and appliances with the goal of bringing more lightness to the space. Some of the exterior porches were removed to increase the connection with the trees and the sky beyond the great room. After living in the house for awhile, the owners knew they could eliminate some of the porches that were less used.

Interior Design

The interiors have a mixture of new and old pieces. Some of the existing furniture was re-purposed, reupholstered or refinished. There are three distinctive areas within the great room. There is a space for morning coffee and bird-watching, an area with a table for cards or intimate meals and one for socializing by the fireplace.

Contemporary & Custom

These spaces are uniquely built for the homeowners. The kitchen has custom cabinets made of structured panels for a streamlined, contemporary look. The cabinets are laid out in a way that makes them accessible and maximizes their usefulness. Majority of the kitchen storage moves to the pantry. The pantry, though, is not an afterthought. It is designed to have space for baking, coffee and a bar. The dog has his spot too, the bench under the window is for him to watch who’s coming and going.