The design for this house evolved from its site, which is where all our designs are born. The first thing the Kesslers said in the first design meeting was “maximize the views.” The house is shaped so that the Marshes of the May River are as visible from as much as the house as possible, while maximizing privacy from the neighboring houses.


Lowcountry Lifestyle

The clients are perfectly poised to take advantage of all of the Lowcountry’s rich offerings. Their active lifestyle is accommodated by an exercise/yoga room and a custom “sports foyer” to house their athletic and leisure equipment.


Natural and Light

The combination of the products and materials used in the home convey a certain calm. The interior doors are walnut and the ceiling is stained cypress. Some of the light fixtures draw inspiration from native lowcountry plants. We pay careful attention to how the materials work together within the house, and how they relate to the site and the place.

Palmetto BLuff