Considerate Addition

The original house was two rooms over two; a one-story wing was added when the house was moved. The double front porches were removed many years ago and replaced with a small stoop. Typical of historic houses, there was only one inadequate bathroom and virtually no closets.

We added a small L‐shaped second-floor addition to house two new bathrooms, a master bedroom closet and a small third bedroom. The addition backs up to the existing chimney and we left it exposed in the bathroom. We enclosed an existing small porch to create a breakfast room with a new porch beyond.


Civil Pioneer

In 1839, Robert Smalls was born a slave on this property. During the civil war, he became a U.S. Army captain because he commandeered a Confederate ship and delivered it to the union. He went on to serve in the SC House of Representative, SC Senate and was a United States Congressman for 5 terms. After the civil war, Robert Smalls purchased this and adjacent properties. It is believed that this circa 1855 house was moved to the property as part of the Smalls estate. It is atypical of Beaufort houses because the porches are on the west instead of the south.


The Right Touch

In restoring the double front porches, the house now looks like the typical Beaufort house that it is instead of some foreign suburban transplant. The clients’ desire for a screened porch was met with a free-standing enclosure that respects the scale of the historic home and encloses a courtyard on the south of the house.

how to make the most of a small room
Updated historic Beaufort dining room
We loved working with Jane and Michael Frederick and would definitely love to hire them again for a future home. I particularly appreciate how they balance staying true to the history preservation on the exterior while bringing in modern finishes on the interior.
Updated historic Beaufort dining room
Robert Smalls is an important historical figure in South Carolina, so it was critical to respect the integrity of the house while providing the basic necessities in bathrooms and storage.
Jane Frederick
Managing Principal
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