Historic Vernacular

The Dogtrot, a southern housing vernacular form, was created to take advantage of the increased wind at building corners. The roofed center section took advantage of the four outside corners which funneled cooling breezes to sweltering pre‐air‐conditioned southerners.


Weatherable Options

This modern interpretation allows the center dogtrot space to be opened up during good weather and air‐conditioned when too cold or hot. Connection to the land and vernacular form engage these modern inhabitants to the rich architectural heritage of the South.


Connecting Views

The owners have the ability to close and condition the dogtrot space in the cold or extreme heat: they also have hidden screens which are necessary to keep away the insects. Folding doors at both sides and an insulated sidewall give the opportunity to open and close the house to adapt to and enjoy the beautiful site year round.

house in the woods
folding doors onto a screen porch
Jane and Michael were a delight to work with. They designed our house here at Palmetto Bluff 7 years ago, and have now designed a second carriage house with apartment above for our property. Everyone is constantly impressed by the quality of the design and by the lovely touches that make the house so special. Michael and Jane are wonderful professionals, but they are also fun and interesting people who make the sometimes (sometimes!?!) stressful process of house building a pleasure. Could not recommend more highly.
folding doors onto a screen porch
This Palmetto Bluff house is a modern interpretation of a southern vernacular form known as a dogtrot.
Jane Frederick
Managing Principal
Rain garden detention pond