Jane Frederick, FAIA, ASID

As a ninth-generation Southerner, Jane is influenced by how her forbearers lived in harmony with the harsh southern climate. Her great-great grandmother who she is named for operated a ferry boat across the Escatawpa River in Mississippi and other great-great grandparents lived in a dogtrot-style house in Alabama. Her fascination with the land is evident in their designs. When Jane designs, she thinks about the marsh, trees, humidity, breezes, the light, and stormy days.

Jane also think about kitchens – a lot –because she likes to cook and entertain. She started cooking when she was eight and knew her first cake would be done when the timer buzzed. Jane was not a patient 8 year old so she kept moving the timer up. When the buzzer dinged, Jane and her sister dropped the cake with its still liquid center – they just scooped it up and cooked it until it was finally done! Jane is more patient now and happily spends the time it takes to work out all the details in your project – from the kitchen layout to the bathroom tile.

She loves to travel and the discoveries made while traveling influence their designs. Buildings, gardens, and art are usually the focus of their travels. Jane and Michael have ridden bicycles to Palladian villas in Italy, searched for the oracle at Delphi, been in a bici-taxi parade in Havana, and taken Ikebana lessons in Japan.

Sometimes architects focus on the “architecture” of the building without thinking about how you can live in the spaces. Jane is always studying their designs for how usable and functional they are. How can the flow of the space enhance your life; an unfurnishable space is wasted space.

From teaching architecture to middle school students to writing articles on design for the local newspaper, Jane works to educate all ages on the value of good design and the importance of improving the built environment. She also chairs the AIA’s Public Outreach Committee.

She received her Bachelor of Architecture from Auburn University. Jane is a Fellow in the Aspen Global Leadership Network and currently serves on the American Institute of Architects Board as one of three At-Large Directors. In 2012, Jane was awarded Fellowship by the American Institute of Architects for her service to the profession.



Michael Frederick, AIA

Michael’s knowledge of historical and vernacular architecture, coupled with his keen ability to combine timeless architectural truths with current advancements, enable him to create award-winning custom residences that celebrate the region’s architectural and natural heritage while exceeding client expectations and providing high, lasting value. Michael received his Bachelor of Architecture from Auburn University.

While Michael was in college studying architecture, he couldn’t decide whether he wanted to be an architect or a landscape architect and changed majors several times. His passion for the landscape is evident in their designs and how well they take advantage of the site. – it appears that they have grown from the land.

Michael starts his days rowing in an eight man skull on the Beaufort River. As he rows he is processing the design concepts or details of current projects and thinking about how they can be better.  If he is not rowing, he is riding his bicycle or running.

Michael sketches everything they visit while traveling -buildings, gardens, people, and details. Jane and Michael’s travels influence their designs and his sketches help him understand the subtleties of the environment they are visiting.

Over the years, Michael’s dedication to excellence has continued to shine through as he has involved himself with various local and regional organizations. When he is not busy in the studio drawing or water coloring, you can find him around town rowing, running, bicycling, fishing, and kayaking.

Although he values his involvement in these activities, Michael’s true passion centers on creating sustainable architecture that connects people to their environment. Building and restoring existing architecture that provides spaces that enhance our day to daily lives and restore and preserve the natural systems that sustain life is his goal.