Jane has written monthly articles for The Beaufort Gazette for years. Now she’s got a bit of a larger readership. As AIA president, Jane has a monthly article published in Architect Magazine, The Journal of the American Institute of Architects . Her January article is called “Being What Happens, solving the climate crisis is about using our specialized skills.” She urges others in the architectural profession to heed the call of activist Rebecca Solnit and “Don’t ask what will happen. Be what happens.”

Jane has pledged to use her year as president of AIA to, first and foremost, to advocate for solutions to the climate crisis. She and Michael are currently attending AIA Grassroots conference in New Orleans, where the AIA’s comprehensive Climate Action Plan will be released.

An excerpt from her article:

The comprehensive Climate Action Plan set for release at the Grassroots Conference next month will expand on good work already underway. Through AIA’s partnerships with the U.S. Conference of Mayors and Climate Mayors, we’re making inroads to ensure sustainability and resilience are prioritized in cities throughout the nation. Our advocacy for building codes and climate policies at local, state, and federal levels is driving action. AIA’s coordination with building product manufacturers and other industry stakeholders is highlighting the imperative of sustainable materials and practices through every aspect of the built environment. And it’s all supported by programs that supply AIA members with the tools we need to lead and to serve as true citizen architects.

Here is a link to the full text. 

Tom, Benjie and I are holding down the fort at Frederick + Frederick, immensely proud of Jane’s advocacy. We hear its not all  hard work down in New Orleans (it’s almost Mardi Gras, after all), so we’re a teeny bit jealous too.

New Orleans
Jane, hamming it up at Grassroots in New Orleans, on a tour of a Mardi Gras float warehouse.