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Streamlined Design

Our full services includes a lot of what you think of as interior design. Jane always says, “If you turned the house over and shook it, anything that doesn’t fall out- we selected.” Tile, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, paint; that’s all in our scope. We offer additional interior design services to many of our clients. Whether it’s finding a few pieces of furniture, or everything from art to window treatments, working with the same team from day one simplifies the process.

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Furniture Design

For our most discerning clients, finding the perfect piece of furniture to fill a space can prove to be a frustrating task. In these cases, often times the space calls for a specific piece of furniture in an unusual shape of size. We design the piece and have it built by a local craftsman, providing a truly custom piece of furniture to fit within your desired lifestyle.

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Our Approach

We don’t just build spaces. We create environments for people to thrive. We offer customized services and in-house capabilities to help our clients imagine their dream home and subsequently create it. Whether yours is new construction, an addition, or a renovation, we’ll bring our expertise and innovation to the challenge.



Every project starts by discovering where you are—and where you want to go. By understanding what you want, we can start to create your vision. We listen, creating a pathway for success throughout the project.



We’re not just taking what worked in the past and tweaking it to fit your home. We pride ourselves on developing unique, innovative solutions to make your Lowcountry home sustainable and resilient.



We work with you to design a home that considers both form and function. Through in-depth questions and a thorough understanding of all aspects of daily and special occasion use, we can design homes to make daily life easier.



While most architects provide one-size fits all or ala-cart solutions, we stand by your side throughout the entire project. From designing the mechanical systems in house to managing the project during the construction phase, we see your project through from start to finish.