We work hard around here, but every Friday afternoon we like to get a jump start on the weekend and do something enjoyable, creatively dubbed “Friday Fun”.

One day, we sketched a flower arrangement and a tiny chair using a series of drawing prompts, like blind drawing, drawing the negative space and “drawing” with wire. It was fun, and a great way to get our creative juices flowing.

lowcountry architects sketch sketching Lowcountry Architects sketching lowcountry architects sketch lowoountry architect


We like to take advantage of our location. If the tide is high, we can launch our kayaks and paddleboard from the yard. One day, we brought our fishing poles and threw a couple lines out….we didn’t catch much, but we enjoyed being on the water.

Friday Fun Beaufort SC kayakingBeaufort SC paddleboard kayak fishing Beaufort, SC


When its chilly outside, we like to play games. Our new favorite is Giant Jenga. Paired with appropriately dramatic music, our jenga games can get pretty intense.

Friday Fun Beaufort Architect Beaufort Architect Lowcountry Beaufort Architect

What should we do for Friday Fun at Frederick + Frederick next?

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