Anyone in the Lowcountry knows that August means rain, rain, rain! Especially this year! So while the rain has slowed construction down some, there is still a lot of progress on some FAB houses!


Here’s the Bray’s Island cabin- we are loving seeing this one take shape!

The Camellia in Islands of Beaufort! It’s a treat working on this house- the clients and the whole team are making the process a lot of FUN!

We call this one a “Great Porch”, instead of a Great Room inside the house. With our climate, why not bring your main living space outside?? GREAT idea!

I saved the best for last- our office VR room! Before, this room was only nice when we were wearing the VR goggles and transported into one of our designs, now we can enjoy reality too! Our material samples have a very nice home in our custom, cypress cabinetry. Thanks to Powell Brothers Construction and to Charles Stevens for our beautiful venetian plaster walls.