Camellia watercolor elevation
Dogtrot plan

The Camellia

The Camellia is a beautifully proportioned, modern interpretation of the dogtrot. In the Camellia, the central space of of the home (or dogtrot space), is the living, dining, kitchen and outdoor living spaces. We have shown a more traditional front, with large windows and double doors to let the breeze funnel through. A big fireplace centers in the symmetrical vaulted space, and has flanking folding walls that join the indoor and outdoor living spaces.

At 1824 square feet you get a much larger feeling house, with a luxurious master suite and optional bedrooms (or bedroom and a study) on the opposite side. Dormers add plenty of natural light to the center of the living spaces, with built-ins separating the public rooms from the private while providing ample storage. As in any dogtrot, the orientation should capture the prevailing breezes and enable many days with the house open and fresh air flowing through.

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The Tea Olive

A Lowcountry style facade, coupled with an open and light-filled floor plan are the perfect marriage of traditional and contemporary. A less formal rear elevation full of glass invites gorgeous views into the home. The outdoor living areas feature a screen porch, fireplace and patio.

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Dogtrot plan

The Magnolia

The Magnolia is a modern interpretation of the traditional dogtrot form and is a scaled down version of the Frederick & Frederick home that was featured in Southern Living Magazine. The dogtrot was also known as two pens and a passage because there were two rooms with an open passage between them. The prevailing breezes were funneled through the open center hall creating a cooler, comfortable all-purpose room. It is critical to this design that the dogtrot is oriented to capture the prevailing summer breezes.

The master suite is located on the first floor. The vaulted ceiling gives the master bedroom a spacious and luxurious feel. The dining and living areas are situated within the dogtrot passage, with large sliding or folding doors to the outdoor spaces. The kitchen is open to the breakfast room, with a large pantry connected. The den on the first floor gives you a more private living area that can be closed off.

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The Spartina

The Spartina is a Charleston Single House. This design is exceedingly common in downtown Charleston. The plan will fit on a narrow city lot and its porch is located along the side of the house rather than in the front. The side porch allows for a bigger porch on a narrow house, more privacy and the ability to capture prevailing breezes. The plan should be oriented so that the porch is facing South. We’ve drawn two exterior elevations of this plan, contemporary and traditonal.

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The Dogwood

The Dogwood is a classic square house that has a detached guest house and you can add a detached garage. It is similar to the Azalea, but has a hip roof instead of a gabled roof. The first floor is an open space with folding glass walls that open onto a large screened porch. The interior and exterior living spaces share a three-sided fireplace. The second floor’s master bedroom has a large bathroom and closet. There is also a guest bedroom with it’s own smaller bathroom upstairs.

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T Plan

The T- plan is a common vernacular form found around Beaufort, SC, the Lowcountry and the Southeast. This plan features lots of natural light and outdoor living space. The primary bedroom are on the main floor, with two additional bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs. There is an study/ media room on the second floor which could be converted to a fourth bedroom.

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The Sweet Bay

Whether you are looking to expand on your current house, or to build a small apartment to get away to on weekends, the Sweet Bay is a stylish solution. On the first floor, there is a two car garage, as well as built in storage. A one bedroom, one bathroom apartment is on the upper level.

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The Jasmine Garage

The Jasmine is a plan for a two car garage with a bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette on the second floor. We have several variations of the plan to suit your needs. 

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What is included in the set of plans?

The construction set includes the following:
• Title Sheet

• Site Plan, drawn at 1″=20′-0″

• Floor Plans drawn at 1/4″ = 1′-0″

• Roof Plan drawn at 1/4″ = 1′-0″

• Schedules – Doors and Windows

• Exterior Elevations drawn at 1/4″ = 1′-0″

• Building Sections

• Wall Sections and Exterior Details

• Electrical Plans

• Mechanical Plans

Because code and requirements can change and may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, we cannot warrant compliance with any specific code or regulation. Electrical plans are for general layout only. The structural design should be designed by a local structural engineer for compliance with local soil conditions, wind, and seismic requirements. Your plans may also need to be modified to comply with local building conditions, energy codes, snow loads, zoning regulations and other ordinances. It is the responsibility of the purchaser of each plan to see that the structure is built in strict compliance with the governing building codes and municipal codes.

How can the plans be altered?

We will make alterations to the plans at our current hourly rates. We will provide an estimate of required hours prior to performing the work.

What additional services can you provide?

Our team has extensive experience designing custom spaces to make your house work for you. We can provide the following services at for an additional charge.

  • Interior design- Our interior design services can range from choosing interior finishes and fixtures, all the way to selecting and arranging furniture.
  • Kitchen planning- Our base price includes a basic kitchen layout, but we can provide kitchen elevations, cabinet details and customization to your needs
  • Green Design- we can provide specifications and details to help meet the green building requirements as an additional service at our current hourly rates

What additional services might I need from other professionals?

  • A tree and topographical survey provided by a licensed surveyor
  • Soils report to determine the load bearing capacity of the soil provided by a licensed Geotechnical Engineer
  • Structural Engineering for local soils condition, wind and seismic requirements provided by a licensed Structural Engineer
  • Smart House design – we recommend that you work with a local media consultant for your electronic needs.
  • Green Design or LEED certification – LEED certification is provided by an independent third-party reviewer. While the contractor is responsible for the meeting the requirements, we can provide specifications and details to help meet the green building requirements as an additional service at our current hourly rates
  • Landscape architect

How can I purchase plans?

The house designs and construction documents in our close to custom program, are copyrighted and are the property of Frederick + Frederick Architects. Purchase of a home design allows the licensee to build only one house from the plans and does not transfer the copyright or ownership of the plans in any way. Payment by check, money orders or cashier’s check is required prior to shipping or emailing of construction sets. All purchases are non-refundable.

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