On the Boards - Beach Front

We just presented this beach front house to the clients and they love it! This is the ocean side with multiple terraces and porches. The top deck will have endless views - probably almost to England!

Sketches, 3-D Models and the Real Thing

Helping our clients understand the design of their house is essential for a successful project. Our first presentations to our clients are watercolor sketches to show the preliminary design. These sketches convey the design, yet are still easy to revise.  As we progress in the project we begin building the project in the computer.  With sophisticated software, called Building Information Modeling (BIM), we virtually build the project long before construction begins. This also allows advanced coordination and integration of all the systems and scheduling components. Many clients have difficulty visualizing the house. Because of this, the use of digital modeling is very useful.  Here are some project under construction showing the initial sketch, the computer model and the same view of the real house.